Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finally Lily has passed the exam!

finally I have passed the exam of this diploma. This diploma is about investment, trading, stock law. I also have studied something about trading arbitration law. I specific love the arbitration system, and also the electronic arbitration. It was really hard time, and hard examination system. I had to passed the written exam first, then the oral one with new books, then make a research about stock, and got an exam about this research. So I finally have passed all these hard examination , and be free again -for while-to make my knitting , crochet, and sewing. I have passed this diploma with grad "good" it was about 180 out of 200 , but still just good grade.
Thanks God so so much for helping me pass all these hard time, specially this year was really hard and strange ; full of important and sad events.
I really thank my mum so so much for all her efforts with me, and for her supporting, also for her praying. I also thank my sister so much for her efforts-ironing my clothes, prepared something for breakfast-I felt as I was a child LOL. Thanks for all my brothers because of their concerning, asking, and supporting.
I specially thanks so so much my lovely dear friends Barb, and Christa. I thank my dear sweet Christa for her trust of me; she always telling me that I will pass the exam. She always believe that even if when I doubt. thanks her also for her praying every time I needed. Thanks so much dear Christa. I also thank so so much my lovely dear Barb who really support me even if in hard time. I also thank Barb so much for her kindness praying for me. I love her praying so much. Thanks so much my dear Barb. Thanks for all of them, and Thanks God again.

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