Saturday, May 5, 2012

Make your own knitter's graph paper

I have made my own knitter's graph paper, and wanted to share all of you this way. As you know that knitter's graph paper has rectangular shape not square shape. Here is my way to make it using "Excel Program" I have used "Microsoft office 2003" , but I think you can apply using any version you have.
There are some websites who speak about how to make your own knitter's paper graph using Excel , but I couldn't follow them, and they don't mentioned to the "print stage" so if you follow them and print the sheet you will get a white paper.
Here is how to make it,
1)open your Excel program

click on this square to select the whole sheet ( the square with red arrow)
 Now all sheet is selected, and be ready to apply your choice to the whole document.
 put your mouse and hold it between cells to define the cells' width
 The red circle tells you when exactly you should to put and hold your mouse
 Here you should to hold your mouse between rows to define the height of the cells ( you should to make them rectangular shape)
you can define the width, and height of cells in another way using "format menu" then you will find "row" "column " and from them you can define your own width and height .

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