Monday, December 17, 2012

Knit loves embroidering

This is my tam. I have made it using Egyptian cotton, and circular needles size 3.5, 4mm. It is my pattern. I cannot say it is a special pattern for a tam because it is just basic tam pattern suits my cotton yarn , and using
I love embroidery , and also love to use many kinds of handcrafts with each other- knit with embroidery, knit with crochet, crochet with sewing . So I have planned to make a plain tam and used embroidery to add this simple touch on it.
I have used three embroidery stitches which are, ( French knot, bullion stitch to make this little, and big flowers, and some kind of back stitch to make this green branches ).

Flat picture for my tam

Close look

Close look at embroidery stitches I have used with my plain tam.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Manly set (Scarf, and hat) for my brother.

I have made this set for my brother. It is my design , and it is really easy pattern -just purl , and knit stitches. You will make a very simple cable when you make the scarf. After that nothing required.
Oh thanks God he loves my taste of color. LOL as you know men has their own taste,  he also love the design too , and even the fringes. Good sign ☻☻
Hope you like the design , and pattern too.

The Pattern

 Yarn : DK weight yarn . 4 Balls each one is 100 grams.
What I have used was DK yarn 50% wool, and 50% Acrylic.
Needles: 3.5 , and 4mm circular needles, ( for  the hat) ,  and 4 mm straight needle ( for  the scarf).
Cable needle.
Sewing needle for weave in end.

24sts / 30 rows using 4mm needles =4" or 10 cm in St st.

The Scarf; ( about 8" width  / 72 " length )

Cable stitch, over 6 stitches
Row 1-" k6"
Row 2- "p6"
Row3- "k6"
Row 4-  "p6"
Row 5- " c3f"  - (put three stitches on  a cable needle in the front of the work, k3 on the left needle then k3 from the cable needle)
Row 6- "p6"

Pinnacle Chevron stitch;
Multiple of 18 stitches plus 1

Row 1, and 3 - p1* (k2,p2) twice, k1, (p2, k2)twice, p1; rep from*
Row2 and 4 - k1 *(p2, k2)twice, p1, (k2, p2) twice, k1* rep from *
Row5 and 7- p1* p1, k2, p2, k2, p3 , (k2, p2)twice ; rep from*
Row 6 and 8 - k1* k1 , p2, k2, p2, k3, (p2, k2) twice; rep from*
Row 9 and 11 -repeat rows 2 and 4
Rows 10 and 12- repeat rows 1 and 3
Rows 13 and 15 -repeat rows 6 and 8
Rows 14 and 16 -repeat rows 5 and 7

Repeat rows 1-16

To make the scarf cast on 75 stitches using the 4mm straight needle.
distribute those stitches like that,
"selvage stitch, p1 , (cable stitch over 6 stitches), p1, k1, (pinnacle chevron stitches over 55 stitches) , k1, p1, (cable stitch over 6 stitches) p1, k1"

work until the length of the scarf be 72 " or the  desired length .

The Hat

Using a smaller circular needle to cast on 108 stitches.
Ribbing  part,
Round 1- *k2, p2 rep from *
Round 2 Repeat row 1
repeat those 2 rounds until measure 4 " or 10 cm.

Body of the hat,
Using the bigger circular needle(4mm) to make the body of the hat using the Pinnacle Chevron stitch like that:-
This time the pinnacle chevron will be in round so it will be like the following,
Round (1, 2 , 3 , 4) - * (k2, p2) twice, k1, (p2, k2) twice, p1 rep from*
 Round (5, 6, 7, 8)- *p1 , k2, p2, k2, p3, (k2, p2) twice rep from*
 Round (9, 10, 11, 12)- *(p2, k2) twice, p1, (k2, p2) twice k1 rep from *
Round (13, 14, 15, 16)- * k1, p2, k2, p2, k3, (p2, k2) twice rep from*
Rep those 16 rounds one more time to be 32 rounds before starting to shape the top of the hat
In 32 round start to put a mark after every 18 sts.

Shape the crown ( top of the hat):
 Round 1- * (k2 , p2)twice,  k1,  p2,  k2,  p2 , k1,  k2tog   rep from*
Round2- *(k2 , p2) twice , k1 , p2 , k2,  p2,  k2tog   rep from*
Round3-* (k2,  p2) twice, k1,  p2 ,  k2,  p1,  p2tog   rep from*
Round 4- * (k2,  p2) twice,  k1,  p2,  k2,  p2tog   rep from *
Round 5- * p1,  k2,  p2,  k2,  p3,  k2,  p2tog   rep from *
Round 6- * p1,  k2,  p2,  k2,  p3,  k1,  k2tog   rep from*
Round 7 -* p1,  k2,  p2,  k2,  p3,  k2tog   rep from*
Round 8- * p1,  k2,  p2,  k2,  p2,  k2tog   rep from*
Round 9- *p2 ,  k2,  p2,  k2,  p2tog   rep from *
Round 10 - * p2 , k2 ,  p2,  k1,  k2tog  rep from *
Round 11- * p2,  k2,  p2,  k2tog    rep from *
Round 12 *p2 ,  k2 p1, p2tog   rep from *
Round 13 * k1,  p2, k1, k2tog  rep from *
Round 14 * k1,  p2  , k2tog  rep from *
Round 15 * k1 ,  p1,  p2tog  rep from *
Round 16- * k1,  p2tog  rep from* (12 sts)
Round 17 - *k2tog , k2tog  rep from * 6
Thread the rest of the stitches , and weave in end.

Hope you like them.


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