Sunday, December 29, 2013

Logy (My niece) wearing the set I have made

I have made this set for my niece -Logy-and post some flat pictures for it. Now here is Logy wearing it. You can see its real color, and the embroidery too.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Model picture for my sister jacket

I have made this jacket for my sister using a 6mm needle, and eyelash decorative yarn. I also have made this crochet bag two years ago both for my sister.
Another picture

Hat for my brother (My design)

I have made this hat for my brother. I have used circular needles size 4mm, and 4.5mm.
Its pattern raises the problem of changing the flat stitches to circular one again. I have changed many flat stitches to circular stitches, and wandered about the criteria of that changing.  Of course there are some of criteria , but also there are some flat stitches cannot be circular. One of that kind of stitches which doesn't change to circular is that one which borrow some of it from previous one.
I changed that one to circular , but found out it is difficult to write the pattern.

Close look at the stitch
close look at the top of hat

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Set for my Niece (My pattern)

I have made this set for my niece -Logy- she is 10 months. It is circular down to top, and this is my own pattern and design. I have made some embroidery on that set. I love embroidery so much with crochet , and knit. this time I have made the embroidery using the Silk Ribbon embroidery which I have learned lately.
I will let you with the picture from plain to embroidered touch. I have made the 3D roses -different types, and I have used two kind of embroidery stitches -braid, and daisy.
Here is the whole set 

Here is close look
I have made this back finished using crochet hook


The boot is in crochet

Now the plain set :
( this is the set before I embroidered it to show the knitting stitches, and how it was.)
It is circular down to top dress. Oh it is first time I have used my stitch marker, and it is an AMAZING lol love it so much.
The hat before embroidery

Friday, December 13, 2013

Proplem and slution

The problem
I have read the Elizabeth Zimmerman's book about making different style of  circular garments. It is down to top . It is good book , and easy to follow. I have countered one problem with this technique; it is the underarm and sleeve alive stitches. 
According to her technique you should leave alive stitches of sleeve, and alive stitches of body. then you make Kitchener stitches to close those alive stitch. Here is the result when I did as the book said. Of course it is awful result!!! The stitches extended as you see and are so loose. I didn't like it at all.
I have made a blouse for my mum last year , and got an idea of bind off the underarm stitches before joining sleeves with body. It was better , but still have holes around the underarm stitches. So I have to think in another solution for this problem.

The solution ( In my opinion)
This time I let the stitches alive -as the book said, but don't make the Kitchener stitch. I have used the crochet hook to close the alive stitches first or bind them off , Then graft the stitches.
Here are the steps before you graft the closed stitches. This  is better-in my opinion- because I can close the extended stitches of the yoke, and even avoid the holes around the underarm stitches.
any way it is what I made, and wanted to share it with you . 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jacket for my sister

I have made this -evening jacket- for my sister. It was her idea to make her this jacket using Eyelash yarn. I didn't mind lol I want to try this kind of yarn. Why not.
I have used 8 skeins of this kind of yarn, and knitting needle size 6mm. Here is the result.
It is huge , and gives a fur appearance .
It was easy to knit with this kind of yarn, and this big needle. The only difficult with it is , you cannot see the rows or stitches so you have to use a row counter, and be very careful not to drop a stitch.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shawl and wrist warmer

I have started this set three months ago. Then my right hand have broken, and be in splint for a whole month.
After I have got rid  of the splint , I resumed my working in my knitting projects as a therapy for my hand. It was advice from a friend who broke her hand before. She told me to practise crochet, but I couldn't . Crochet was so so hard for my hand because I hold the hook as a pencil. I stopped , and thought of my knitting project. It was so easy to knit even if with so weak right hand.

I have used the idea of the shawl to make my wrist warmer. I have used the provisional cast on, and Kitchener stitch to make it seamless. As I said I also alternate the yarn with  lace weight yarn.

I am practicing crochet now -with hardness- but with big hook, heavy weight yarn, and with knife method.

My shawl, and wrist warmer

close look, and more details

I have made this shawl, and wrist warmer using knitting needle size 2.5mm, and wool lace weight yarn 560m per 100g.
I have used the idea of pattern to make my wrist warmer.

Friday, November 15, 2013

My mark stitches

I didn't love the plastic or rubber mark stitches. I love to make my mark stitches from contrast color. there are some problems with yarn mark stitch . the little knot comes through the work, and sometimes goes back and forth. the other problem is you don't observe it  clearly. So here is my idea to make my marker stitches more unique , lovely, and easy to see. I also share this idea in last post. Hope you like my idea.

How to make your mark stitches

Materials : steel thin crochet hook, scrap of yarn, some leftover different sizes beads, and  a scissors
 first step,  get through your biggest beads, and then grab the yarn through
second step, Here is the result
third step, complete threading the whole beads in the same manner
Forth step, make a knot to make the loop ( this loop will form the stitch mark wideness)
Fifth step, make another knot from the bottom, and secure it.
final step, get rid of the extra yarn.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Get Rid of Rib tutorial

what if you want to get rid of your ribbing cuff or bottom of your knitted piece for any reason?
what if you want to replace the ribbing part or bottom part of your old knitted piece?
Actually It has happened with me that I have knitted an Aran poncho , and after I finished the first piece- which was lot of work- I didn't like the bottom. I have learned this technique to get rid of the bottom.
Here are the pictures to know this technique.

Suppose this small piece represents your knitted piece. the brown part is the  bottom, and the yellow part is the rest of your knitted item. I have used two colors to show you which part you will cut . So that brown part is the bottom, and the yellow is the rest which we will keep.
  Now Bring scissors , and also another needle to pick up the alive stitches.
Now which part you will cut. see the wrong side of the work and see the head of the brown stitches. like the next picture.
Now start to cut this part, and with the other needle pick up the yellow alive stitches. Be careful NOT to cut the yellow yarn. 
Now pick up the yellow stitches one by one to not lost anyone of them.
Another picture to show you the progress.
Finally you get all your bottom stitches alive on the other needle , and are ready to replace your bottom part. as the picture
Another picture shows you the whole yellow piece without the brown part, and the alive stitches

please try this in small swatch before you do it with your knitted piece. Hope it is useful.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Circular blouse for my mum

This time I have used DK wool yarn, and used 4. 4.5mm circular needles to make this blouse.


I have used the technique of making two socks using one long needle to make the two sleeves with each others like the pictures. It is better than making one after another.

Here is the body of the blouse
Here is the body with the two sleeves. This time I have bind off the underarm stitches first. This reduced the holes under the sleeves , but I had to graft two holes using sewing needle. Any way it is better than leaving  the stitches alive until I finish.

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