Monday, October 23, 2017

pullover for my nephew

Here is the link for my video knit this pullover,

The pattern,

The tools

Needles, 4.5mm  straight needle for ribbing , 5mm  straight needle for the body , 4.5 circular needle for neckline, cable needle
Other tools
Two holders, small and big
Sewing needle
Stitch markers.
The yarn,
100g has 160M and we need 6 balls of 100G


29Sts x 27 rows using the cable stitch of the pullover and 5MM straight needle

The increasing row, and increasing manner
P2, k1, K through back loop same stitch, k2, p2, k1
The stitch
Row 1
*P2, K4, P2, k1 *  repeat to the end. End the row with P2
Row 2
* K2, P4, K2, P1* repeat to the end, end the row with k2
Row 3
*P2, C2B, P2, k1* repeat to the end, end row with P2
Row 4
Is the same as Row 2

Cast on,

For front and back, you cast on 95 sts and increase them to be 107 sts
For sleeves , you cast on 47 sts increase them to be 53 sts in first row after ribbing . also you start to increase at each side 2 sts to be 89 sts.

Shaping the shoulders ,

 you cast off 13, then 12, then 11 from both sides.

The length of armhole ,

it is 17Cm

Shaping the V neck,

I explained the decrease and shape of the v neck in my video. 

The length of the pullover,

The whole length I made for my nephew  is 50 CM.
This pullover has no armhole shape so, and has no sleeve shape so you can fit the length to the child you are making pullover for because .
Starting by making the back of pullover, and fit the length to the child , so you can use the same length for the front.
Also for the sleeve, you can -after all increasing - you can start fit the length of the sleeve, after that you can simply cast off all the stitches to finish the sleeve.

some picture for it, 

Very good luck 

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