Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New year

Happy New year for you all, and for the whole world.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hat for my father

This hat for my papa. Guess what? My father loves this one more than Fair-Isle one. LOL Oh men' taste LOL He loves its color, its stitch, and its size. Anyway Thanks God he loves it. To be more honest he is not demanding person, but he is alike my mom if he doesn't like something he doesn't wear it. I even asked him what color or style you want me to do for you. He replied do it whatever , you should to know your papa' taste now. I know he likes warm, dark colors, and fitting hat ,so I did those for him, but he likes one more than the other. I think I will make another dark, fitting one for him.

Workshop of the hat

I have made this hat using double pointed needles size 3mm, and 3.5 mm. It is cable stitch over three stitches so I thought it is the time to know how to make cable stitch without cable needle. I did this ; it is really very good , and fast method. So I really thank the ladies who offered these wonderful videos.

Cable without cable needle

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lily is going to study( AGAIN)

I am going to study AGAIN. I got MA of constitutional and political system ; I also have recorded my dissertation about Parliament role. I have quit, stopped after 8 years. I won't complete, and will return to study again , and make another research in another field. Why?
Many reasons.
First, I didn't find any help from my supervisor. I mean nothing. He didn't tell me anything , or help me in any side. In the beginning I didn't care, and decided to do it by myself-as I always do.
I have started from the scratch. I didn't know English at all, so I have started by learning English, and studied it-I am still doing that. I also have taught myself computer. I have started to read, and read about research methodologies, different methods, and which one suits mine -still doing that.
I have discovered that we have not an education system . we get nothing. Any system doesn't teach you how to think is not a system. I always read, and criticize . My father brings many , many books to his library, and when I was a child I have started to read, and read, and read. I have formed my mind in my own way, but I have gotten very bad education. I knew that before, but realized that now.
Second reason why I have quit, or want to re-study something else is,
I have discovered that we haven't a parliament. we have a jock -silly jock. It is a toy in the executive authority' hands. Nothing exist to write an article about, what about dissertation ?!
It is true that the role of parliament is really reduced all over the world, but at least they have a parliament to study its shrunken role. In another side there are some real reasons about its shrunken role.

It is like knitted piece. What you will do if you discovered that there is a mistake in your first row or round? I always get ride of wrong rows or round and amend my mistakes, and re-do it again. It is true that I lost some times-8years - but learned many things too.

Oh I want to tell you another hidden reason for my writing now. It is practicing my English lol
As you know If I don't use it, I will lose it. So I think you will have to bear my English

My father's hat

My father has asked me to make two hats for him. I have made this one for him as a first one-Hope he likes it. This hat also is my first Fair-Isle work, and following a colorful chart. I love working with colors , and I have practised the two methods of carrying yarn in this hat. I have chosen the colors too; it is different form the original pattern.

Workshop for the hat

My favorite method

I prefer this method for carrying two yarns. I also like the way of carrying the yarn each three stitches ; This way is wonderful to keep the work flat, and nice too. Thanks so much for all ladies who share us their videos.

How to carry two yarns

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Little little treasure

This is my first attempt doing knitted doily. I have made many many crocheted doilies I even have done a tablecloth and put their pictures in my crochet blog. . This little one is really precious to me for two reasons; first , it is my first knitted work with thread , second because it is knitted doily. I always love my first attempt doing something , and look at it as something really precious whatever I will do later.

I have made this doily using a thread size 10 and double pointed needle size 2mm. Its measurement is 8 inches across -lovely , cute, and so small. LOL.

I believe that we don't know ourselves well until we face something, someone, or specific situation. I would never think that I will love doing knitting or crochet with thread and small size needles and hooks, but when I have worked with Them I really loved this so much, and found it really amazing, easy, and fun more than I thought.

Circular cast on

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My hat with crochet touch

I have made this hat using double pointed needles size 3mm, and 4mm. It was 144 stitches , and I have knitted 110 rows to complete it. Its stitches is 16 rows, and the decrease part is 18 rows.
I have added this crochet touch which is popcorn flower, 3d flower, and two leaves.

Close look at my hat

Close look at ribbing stitch, the stitch of hat, and the crochet flowers and leaves.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Purl Norwegain way

Continental knitting-I have never seen or known it until I had made my two socks inside each other. My mom have taught me how to knit using the English method. When I saw the continental method I like it too, and wanted to learn it. I did. Thanks for all these ladies and their wonderful videos.

Continental knit

Wrapping and turning

Tubular bind off

German cast on

German cast on is another great stretchy cast on.

Tubular cast on 2x2

Tubular cast on method is an another way to make a stretchy cast on. The stretchy cast on is really great way for socks, mittens, and gloves.

Tubular cast on

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Six point star

This is the six pointed star motif. It is a seamless star as you can see. I didn't use the short row as the previous motif-pinwheel , but I have used pick up method to complete it. I am just trying to improve my knitting skills by practicing some other types of knitting.

Pinwheel-Modular knit

I love doing this motif with two needles using short row. It is not difficult , but needed a tricky finishing. I think I have avoided many mistakes when I did my next motif-the six pointed star.

Some Modular shapes

Those were my first squares doing modular knit.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The sock

I have made this sock for my mom. I was afraid not to like it;she doesn't feel comfortable easy with things, colors. She feels very grateful for anything she got, but if she doesn't like it, she doesn't wear it. Oh she loves that sock so much and feel happy because of it. I really feel glad that she likes it.

This sock is really so easy to follow despite its lace stitch, and appearance. I felt fun doing it. I thought it hard specially its stitch is 16 rows , but it is really easy stitch.

The pattern is from the book called " The ultimate sock book". It is from vogue knitting.

sock workshop

Thursday, April 29, 2010

the socks with embroidery touch

two socks adventure

Two socks inside each other on one set of double pointed needle was a real knitted adventure.
This method is very old, and I have learned it from a magazine called ( Piecework Jan-Feb 2009). This is a wonderful magazine with a lot of historical information.

what I want to say about this method is ,it is very similar to the double knit if you practise it once, and it is very easy to learn if you get the idea to work separately yet on one set of double pointed needle.
I think we can use this wonderful technique to make two hats, two sleeves, two mitten, or may be two gloves. I think it can be developed to do many different things.

I use the two different methods to carry the yarn ( English and Continental ) , and it was very helpful to not mix the two yarns and not join the two layers.

Cast on separately

This picture shows you how we cast on separately.

Cast on stage

In these pictures, we distribute the stitches alternately on four needls and join to start the adventure. I have used two contrast colours to show you how we cast on and how we distribute the stitches.

cast on stage in details

You can see the outer sock and inner sock in different colours in these pictures.

The ribbing stage

You can say how the inner sock faces the outer sock here.

Leg stage

You can see both socks are inside each other; they face each other, so the outer is purl and the inner is kint.

My flab heel

The original pattern have made the flab with Stocknit stitch, but I have changed that and made mine with a ribbing flab heel.

Flab heel

Turning heel

Here turn heel for both socks

Gusset stage

Both socks with each other in a gusset stage ; this was a good adventure. I didn't imagine it will be so easy like this. ( thanks God lol)

Foot stage, and decreasing for toe

You can see the inner sock appear from the outer sock.

This is the last step

In this stage you will work separately , and using Kitchener stitch to close your socks.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My first mitten

This mitten is my first one, and it is top-down mitten with invisible thumb. I have just learned this technique.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My First toe-up sock

It is short sock, and it is also toe-up

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First sock

My first sock, it is very plain, but I really love it. I was afraid to make socks at the beginning, but I have overcome my fear, and made my own first sock. I will do many socks with lace stitches, cables, and different shape , but this plain one will be my favorable one; I always love my first project.

My first sock (close look 2)

See I have made suitable heel (lol)

My First Soch (close look)

No holes in its gusset.

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