Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shawl and wrist warmer

I have started this set three months ago. Then my right hand have broken, and be in splint for a whole month.
After I have got rid  of the splint , I resumed my working in my knitting projects as a therapy for my hand. It was advice from a friend who broke her hand before. She told me to practise crochet, but I couldn't . Crochet was so so hard for my hand because I hold the hook as a pencil. I stopped , and thought of my knitting project. It was so easy to knit even if with so weak right hand.

I have used the idea of the shawl to make my wrist warmer. I have used the provisional cast on, and Kitchener stitch to make it seamless. As I said I also alternate the yarn with  lace weight yarn.

I am practicing crochet now -with hardness- but with big hook, heavy weight yarn, and with knife method.

My shawl, and wrist warmer

close look, and more details

I have made this shawl, and wrist warmer using knitting needle size 2.5mm, and wool lace weight yarn 560m per 100g.
I have used the idea of pattern to make my wrist warmer.

Friday, November 15, 2013

My mark stitches

I didn't love the plastic or rubber mark stitches. I love to make my mark stitches from contrast color. there are some problems with yarn mark stitch . the little knot comes through the work, and sometimes goes back and forth. the other problem is you don't observe it  clearly. So here is my idea to make my marker stitches more unique , lovely, and easy to see. I also share this idea in last post. Hope you like my idea.

How to make your mark stitches

Materials : steel thin crochet hook, scrap of yarn, some leftover different sizes beads, and  a scissors
 first step,  get through your biggest beads, and then grab the yarn through
second step, Here is the result
third step, complete threading the whole beads in the same manner
Forth step, make a knot to make the loop ( this loop will form the stitch mark wideness)
Fifth step, make another knot from the bottom, and secure it.
final step, get rid of the extra yarn.

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