Saturday, April 11, 2015

The End

Here is the end of the tale. Yes final looking of my Aran coat. The pictures are not fair to it. It is better in reality. Sometimes things has no luck with pictures. lol
I got the chance of that cold days to get some pictures of it. If you want to know the whole story of that coat, please read the previous posts about it.
Any way, I see it nice, and good. What is your opinion??????

Here is the pictures:
Here is the picture of it when I wear a matching silk scarf;
picture without scarf:
Picture for its back:
Another picture for its back:
Close look at its details:
The collar again:
Its body:
Its back, and belt stitch:
I think  it needs a matching trouser with the collar than this one I wear. It is what I will sew for it, but of course not now.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Last Chapter of the Tale

Why I think it was a tale??? because I spent a bout 6 months to make this Aran coat. So long period of time, and the tragic thing is , after I finished it I cannot wear it :-( . Yes it is the summer now, and it is 100% wool Aran coat . lolololll
What about the last Chapter. The last chapter is about the finishing. Before I start telling you about the finishing I want to tell that the sleeves are the only good part of this tale because they hadn't any problem doing them.
Returning to the finishing chapter,  it wasn't good too. why?
Ok because I have made the finishing twice . I finished the button band, and button holes to discover they are awful too, and didn't suit the coat at all. The button bands were light, and they turned over to the wrong side when I am trying to close it .The solution was to rip them out, and start the big work of doing  double bands for both button holes, and for buttons. I did that or I had to do it.
The Collar was the same, after I finished it; I didn't like it too. It was a square collar, and has no fancy work or any beautiful touch . First I think to knit another collar, and make it bigger , and better, but I re-think and told myself why not making it a Fur sewing collar?????
So I get the measure of the neck , and make a paper pattern for simple, pointed ,wide collar. Then I cut a piece of fur, and sew it to my Aran coat. Also I have made a silk lining for the collar. I like the result more. The fur is a contrast color, so I thought of the same contrast color to be my buttons color.
Here are the pictures,
The final touch of the fur collar,  you can also see the double band of button holes in this picture
Here is the lining. I have made it with the same color-or almost the same as the fur. I have used a hand stitch to attach the lining to the collar.
Here is a picture of a sleeve, and the picking up for making the button band,

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Tale Of The Front

Front of my Aran Coat has a long story. lol Long sad story why? because I have ripped out the whole front . I misplaced the pocket of my Aran Coat so I have to wrap out it. This is my first pocket , and as I said I completely changed this pattern to be a coat. When I finished the front, and pin it with back I discovered that the pockets are too low, and they have a very awful looking. I gave up, and ripped it out, and started from the beginning.  I thought not to insert the pocket in the second attempt, but I told myself NO I will do the pockets, even if I will wrap the front out again. So I did the pockets again. This time they are nice. Thanks God.
Here is the pictures of the whole tale:
This is the final looking of the pocket.
The picture of the front when I have finished adding the pockets, and started to work the normal front
The picture of wrong side of the pockets before I finish it or even sew it:
The stages of making the pockets:
This stage when I transfer the whole lining into my working needle:
This stage when the lining is still in double pointed needle, and be ready to transfer it to my right needle:

This stage when I completely transfer the whole lining into my right needle:
This is the stage when I transfer the stitches of outer pocket into a holder, and be ready to complete the rest of row:
Here is the picture of linings before I inserted them:
Here is the picture of the front when I reach to the point I should insert the linings of pockets:
 As you see I like to knit both sides of front at a time, and also knit both sleeves at a time. It is easier for me to do that than making the sides or sleeves one by one.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The whole back of my Aran coat

This is the whole back of my Aran coat after I finish it.
It is a raglan shaping , and it is long one about 86 cm. I have changed the pattern to be wide from the bottom , and gradually narrow to the shaping armhole stage. The original pattern was straight from the bottom to the armhole shaping as it was a sweater pattern. I am not straight  from the bottom to the  armhole shaping lol.
Here is another picture to the back of the coat:

Monday, March 23, 2015

Tale of my Aran Coat

I have bought some yarn (100% wool), and wanted to make my first Aran coat. I wasn't in the mood of designing . Just wanted to sit, and make a big work of knitting without thinking. Is it what happened???!!!!! No lololol . I have chosen  a sweater from (Vogue Magazine ), and told myself, just sit and , adapt this pattern from being a sweater to be a coat. What happened is completely different, I have changed every detail in that pattern from length, width, stitches, collar, final touch so I am starting my work .
First stage:
Close look at the stitches

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Knit Net hat ( My design)

My lace hat:
I have designed this hat using 100% Egyptian cotton , and circular needle size 9 UK.
 This stitch was not spiral in flat , but when I changed it to a round stitch , gave me a spiral shape. It was challenged -for me- to covert it to a round stitch.
I have made a crochet flower, and leaves to decorative it. I wanted to make them in knitting too, but was lazy to do. lolollll

Another picture for the hat:

Close look at the stitch:
Close look at crochet flower:

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Knitted Doily

I have made this doily using straight, and circular knitting needles size 13UK (2.25mm), also  steel crochet hook size 1mm, and crochet cotton thread size 10. This doily measured 42 inch tall (105cm) and 22 inch wide (55cm)  I have used 3 skeins each one is (50 grams of that cotton thread).
I love doing crochet doilies, and have made lot of them, so I try myself with knitted doilies. Using thread, and small needle is really lovely and comfortable to deal with, but so slow to grow. I think we all know that :-).
Another picture for it
close look at center stitch :
I have made this doily first using a straight needle then with circular needle I have made the edge.
Close look at edge stitch,
Here the role of crochet hook comes when I used it to bind off the stitches. In doily we don't bind off as usual , but we use crochet hook to make 3sc tog in 3 sts and 9 chains in between so you can see that loops as shown in picture.

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