Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My own designed sock

This is my own designed sock. It is not the first one, but it is the first complete one. I have designed two, but didn't complete them yet. This one is the simplest one of them. I love it specially that its stitch is really simple and beautiful just purl and knit. I also think it can be a sock for men or women . of course it is my own opinion. I also love its ribbing part because it is not the usual ribbing. When I have a time -it is studying time-I will write its pattern.


  1. great pattern Lily, congratulations...
    ciao ciao Christa

  2. It is wonderful! It looks very complicated to me since I don't knit. I love the design and how it almost looks like leaves. You know how much I love leaves! :)

    I'm very proud of your work.


  3. Gorgeous! I would buy that pattern.

  4. Super schönes Muster,die Socken sind wunderschön!
    LG Sonja

  5. Thanks so much for your sweet compliment; that is really kind from you.

  6. Thanks so much my dear Christa, Barb,and Julia for all your sweet compliment. that is really kind from you all.


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