Thursday, August 25, 2011

My designed sock (for my mum)

This is my second designed sock. I have used circular needle size 2.25. I like to design socks , and consider this first step to make something bigger. I have learned to change flat patterns to be circular , and I know some rules for this mission now. I have also learned to look at socks from many prospectors. for second time I designed the toe part as it is part of the pattern. I like to call that "extended design". I don't see it something big, but I have learned many great things. This sock will be for my mum. "Hope she will like it"


  1. Wow .. the socks are beautiful, very nice color!
    LG Sonja

  2. Lily, I absolutely love this design! I love the way the 'leaves' just cascade down to the toes. And how lacy it looks. The color is very nice too. :)

  3. Thanks so much LG Sonja for your sweet compliment.

  4. Many thanks dear Barb for all your sweet words. Thanks so much.


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