Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sweater for autumn (My design)

This is my design, and my pattern. I have made it for autumn using thick cotton, and needles size 3.75, 4mm.
The stitch is multiple of 10 +3, and 20 rows repeating. The gauge is 33 stitches /34 rows= 4inches (10cm). I didn't want to make the old ripping cuff, and I replace it by this one. It is my first time to do v neck opening, and also first time to make the short rows for shaping the shoulders, and first time knitting with cotton.


  1. it's very well done! very beautiful!

  2. Many thanks for your so sweet compliment" Heidi".

  3. oh Lily what a nice pattern and the jacket turnt out more than beautiful... you are one busy Lady..
    have a very nice evening, ciao ciao Christa

  4. I love the design and the detail on the cuff. Good on 'ya for a great design! I hope you sell or share that pattern. Lovely!

    Vicki Meldrum
    Vicki Designs

  5. Hello dear Christa, Many thanks for your so so lovely compliments. You are so kind. It is my pleasure to get this compliment from a talented knitter like you.

  6. Hell Vicki, Thanks so much for your so sweet compliment dear. I am glad that you appreciate my pattern to tell me to sell or share. Actually I like to share any thing but I don't know how to write pattern for many sizes, and I use a local brand yarns. You can say that I am still learning. I cannot call myself a designer , and I don't want to publish a pattern , and could make trouble for someone to follow.

  7. Thanks so much dear Joanna for that so sweet compliment, That is kind from you.

  8. Feminine, elegant. lovely work.

  9. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks for each sweet word. That is really kind from you Colin.


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