Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shawl and wrist warmer

I have started this set three months ago. Then my right hand have broken, and be in splint for a whole month.
After I have got rid  of the splint , I resumed my working in my knitting projects as a therapy for my hand. It was advice from a friend who broke her hand before. She told me to practise crochet, but I couldn't . Crochet was so so hard for my hand because I hold the hook as a pencil. I stopped , and thought of my knitting project. It was so easy to knit even if with so weak right hand.

I have used the idea of the shawl to make my wrist warmer. I have used the provisional cast on, and Kitchener stitch to make it seamless. As I said I also alternate the yarn with  lace weight yarn.

I am practicing crochet now -with hardness- but with big hook, heavy weight yarn, and with knife method.

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