Saturday, December 14, 2013

Set for my Niece (My pattern)

I have made this set for my niece -Logy- she is 10 months. It is circular down to top, and this is my own pattern and design. I have made some embroidery on that set. I love embroidery so much with crochet , and knit. this time I have made the embroidery using the Silk Ribbon embroidery which I have learned lately.
I will let you with the picture from plain to embroidered touch. I have made the 3D roses -different types, and I have used two kind of embroidery stitches -braid, and daisy.
Here is the whole set 

Here is close look
I have made this back finished using crochet hook


The boot is in crochet

Now the plain set :
( this is the set before I embroidered it to show the knitting stitches, and how it was.)
It is circular down to top dress. Oh it is first time I have used my stitch marker, and it is an AMAZING lol love it so much.
The hat before embroidery

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  1. OMG! This outfit is soooooo sweet! Your niece (or at any rate, her mommie) will love it.


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