Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Knitted Doily

I have made this doily using straight, and circular knitting needles size 13UK (2.25mm), also  steel crochet hook size 1mm, and crochet cotton thread size 10. This doily measured 42 inch tall (105cm) and 22 inch wide (55cm)  I have used 3 skeins each one is (50 grams of that cotton thread).
I love doing crochet doilies, and have made lot of them, so I try myself with knitted doilies. Using thread, and small needle is really lovely and comfortable to deal with, but so slow to grow. I think we all know that :-).
Another picture for it
close look at center stitch :
I have made this doily first using a straight needle then with circular needle I have made the edge.
Close look at edge stitch,
Here the role of crochet hook comes when I used it to bind off the stitches. In doily we don't bind off as usual , but we use crochet hook to make 3sc tog in 3 sts and 9 chains in between so you can see that loops as shown in picture.


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