Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Last Chapter of the Tale

Why I think it was a tale??? because I spent a bout 6 months to make this Aran coat. So long period of time, and the tragic thing is , after I finished it I cannot wear it :-( . Yes it is the summer now, and it is 100% wool Aran coat . lolololll
What about the last Chapter. The last chapter is about the finishing. Before I start telling you about the finishing I want to tell that the sleeves are the only good part of this tale because they hadn't any problem doing them.
Returning to the finishing chapter,  it wasn't good too. why?
Ok because I have made the finishing twice . I finished the button band, and button holes to discover they are awful too, and didn't suit the coat at all. The button bands were light, and they turned over to the wrong side when I am trying to close it .The solution was to rip them out, and start the big work of doing  double bands for both button holes, and for buttons. I did that or I had to do it.
The Collar was the same, after I finished it; I didn't like it too. It was a square collar, and has no fancy work or any beautiful touch . First I think to knit another collar, and make it bigger , and better, but I re-think and told myself why not making it a Fur sewing collar?????
So I get the measure of the neck , and make a paper pattern for simple, pointed ,wide collar. Then I cut a piece of fur, and sew it to my Aran coat. Also I have made a silk lining for the collar. I like the result more. The fur is a contrast color, so I thought of the same contrast color to be my buttons color.
Here are the pictures,
The final touch of the fur collar,  you can also see the double band of button holes in this picture
Here is the lining. I have made it with the same color-or almost the same as the fur. I have used a hand stitch to attach the lining to the collar.
Here is a picture of a sleeve, and the picking up for making the button band,

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