Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Tale Of The Front

Front of my Aran Coat has a long story. lol Long sad story why? because I have ripped out the whole front . I misplaced the pocket of my Aran Coat so I have to wrap out it. This is my first pocket , and as I said I completely changed this pattern to be a coat. When I finished the front, and pin it with back I discovered that the pockets are too low, and they have a very awful looking. I gave up, and ripped it out, and started from the beginning.  I thought not to insert the pocket in the second attempt, but I told myself NO I will do the pockets, even if I will wrap the front out again. So I did the pockets again. This time they are nice. Thanks God.
Here is the pictures of the whole tale:
This is the final looking of the pocket.
The picture of the front when I have finished adding the pockets, and started to work the normal front
The picture of wrong side of the pockets before I finish it or even sew it:
The stages of making the pockets:
This stage when I transfer the whole lining into my working needle:
This stage when the lining is still in double pointed needle, and be ready to transfer it to my right needle:

This stage when I completely transfer the whole lining into my right needle:
This is the stage when I transfer the stitches of outer pocket into a holder, and be ready to complete the rest of row:
Here is the picture of linings before I inserted them:
Here is the picture of the front when I reach to the point I should insert the linings of pockets:
 As you see I like to knit both sides of front at a time, and also knit both sleeves at a time. It is easier for me to do that than making the sides or sleeves one by one.

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  1. the outcome is more than fantastic... it looks really great!!


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