Thursday, April 29, 2010

Leg stage

You can see both socks are inside each other; they face each other, so the outer is purl and the inner is kint.


  1. I love knitting socks and got excited when I bought the Piecework mag that has this article in it. I was (am) completely confused when I read it! You don't happen to live in Greensboro, NC, do you? I would definately pay you to teach a class on this method.

  2. Thanks Connie Alma for your sweet compliment.
    This method is really confused -I agree with you, but if you give it a try it won't be as it seems. When I read it, I felt confused , and exciting to give it a try. I want to say when I start to do it, the confusion disappeared. I also felt so happy when I finished this socks, and really think to develop it , or hope so.


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