Thursday, April 29, 2010

two socks adventure

Two socks inside each other on one set of double pointed needle was a real knitted adventure.
This method is very old, and I have learned it from a magazine called ( Piecework Jan-Feb 2009). This is a wonderful magazine with a lot of historical information.

what I want to say about this method is ,it is very similar to the double knit if you practise it once, and it is very easy to learn if you get the idea to work separately yet on one set of double pointed needle.
I think we can use this wonderful technique to make two hats, two sleeves, two mitten, or may be two gloves. I think it can be developed to do many different things.

I use the two different methods to carry the yarn ( English and Continental ) , and it was very helpful to not mix the two yarns and not join the two layers.


  1. I keep thinking of trying it out. I have to dig out this issue.

  2. pity, they don't sell the magazine in Switzeland..great way to do socks...Christa


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