Saturday, January 7, 2012

1827 gloves

This gloves is 1827-1916. This pattern from magazine called "knitting Traditions" . It is one of Interweave magazines June 2010.


  1. What kind of yarn did you use? These are exquisite! I wish I had the pattern.

  2. Thanks so much "Hautepoet"for your so sweet compliment. Actually this yarn is local brand, I don't buy yarn online because it is not available for Egypt, so I replace the recommended yarn by the yarn I have in my country. I try my best in this matter LOL.This magazine is really have many wonderful patterns included this pattern.

  3. you are really ready for Swiss weather with those beautiful gloves.
    I love the pattern and how it fits around the thumb. Very nice job
    Lily... come for a visit to Switzerland and you can wear ciao Christa

  4. I love your hat! for being a first design, it is beautiful! I also like the cape you made for your mother. It looks like something I would wear.


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