Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cape for my mom

This cape for my mom. I have made it using needle size 4mm, and a self-decorative yarn .It is lace stitch, picot neck edge , raglan shaping , and a simple zigzag edge. The stitch doesn't appear because of the black color. I wanted to make this cape using another color to show the stitch, and the style, but my mom loves black so much so I did it as she wanted. It seems wide that is because it is I who wear it. My mom didn't agree to give me a picture wearing it. So I have to wear it LOL. Thanks God she loves it.

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  1. your mum can call herself really lucky to be spoiled by her daughter with such a beautiful cape. Very nice job Lily and the edging looks great.. ciao ciao ciao Christa


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