Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My designed Fair Isle hat

This is my first Fair Isle design . Actually this is my first Fair Isle work. lol  I have made a hat with  two colors  before, but was not a Fair Isle one. I wanted to give this kind of work a try, and also wanted to try myself mange colorful work specially the shape of crown or top of hat. It is just two colors , but it is also my first attempt. I have made it using a  fingering wool weight, and 3.5, 4mm circular needles.
Now What is your opinion of my first try???


  1. dear Lily, I love the color combination and the pattern you used for this little treasure, you should start writing down the pattern and sell it...
    ciao ciao Chrisa

  2. I love it! It is a great first hat: will you sell your pattern?


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