Saturday, February 2, 2013


Not special blouse, but special  new technique for me. This is  an application for  Elizabeth Zimmermann's  book. I have tried her portions or percentages to make a fit circular blouse for my mum. This blouse started from bottom up. We make gauge , and then cast on 90% of the whole body's stitches for the ribbing part, then increase them to be 100% for the whole body , and we leave the body to start the sleeves. Starting ribbing sleeves part by casting on 22% of the stitches of the whole body, and increase it to be 33% , and finally work even to underarm to start the yoke stage.
Of course we make the sleeve in circular way , and increase it by doing make one. Then we assemble the parts like this picture, and then starting the yoke part.

My mum doesn't like the rounded yoke , and rounded neck lol. She wants a raglan shaping, and v neck opening. The book shows the raglan shaping , but with high rounded neck opening, and show set-in sleeve with v neck opening, and even doesn't explain how to make the v neck opening. Thanks God I have completed it using my mind, and also the many lessons from this lovely book for Elizabeth Zimmermann. Thanks for her , and for her easy to follow books, and techniques.

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