Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hat for my father

This hat for my papa. Guess what? My father loves this one more than Fair-Isle one. LOL Oh men' taste LOL He loves its color, its stitch, and its size. Anyway Thanks God he loves it. To be more honest he is not demanding person, but he is alike my mom if he doesn't like something he doesn't wear it. I even asked him what color or style you want me to do for you. He replied do it whatever , you should to know your papa' taste now. I know he likes warm, dark colors, and fitting hat ,so I did those for him, but he likes one more than the other. I think I will make another dark, fitting one for him.


  1. oh Lily, men are the same around the globe...
    but it would really have surprised me if your Dad wouldn't have liked that hat..it looks great..you did a really fine job.Tell your Dad to come to Switzerland..he could wear it day and night here.. have a great day... and hopefully, posting words today..I had problems yesterday on your crochet blog...winkie winkie Christa

  2. Really! They are the same?LOL Thanks so much for your sweet compliment dear Christa. It is ok it doesn't bother me that my father doesn't like the first one. I will do what he likes not what I prefer.

  3. I really like the hat for your Papa too. It is very manly and I really love the color too. I really like the pattern too. I love the story about what your Papa said. :) And yes, I agree with Christa, men are the same the world over. :)

  4. Thanks dear Barb for your lovely compliment. Should I know now for certain that men are the same all over the world? LOL


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