Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Little little treasure

This is my first attempt doing knitted doily. I have made many many crocheted doilies I even have done a tablecloth and put their pictures in my crochet blog. . This little one is really precious to me for two reasons; first , it is my first knitted work with thread , second because it is knitted doily. I always love my first attempt doing something , and look at it as something really precious whatever I will do later.

I have made this doily using a thread size 10 and double pointed needle size 2mm. Its measurement is 8 inches across -lovely , cute, and so small. LOL.

I believe that we don't know ourselves well until we face something, someone, or specific situation. I would never think that I will love doing knitting or crochet with thread and small size needles and hooks, but when I have worked with Them I really loved this so much, and found it really amazing, easy, and fun more than I thought.


  1. Lily, you are right - we sometimes surprise ourselves when we stretch beyond ourselves. I never thought I would be a knitter and now it's so much a part of my life, I can't imagine not having it as an outlet. Your doily is beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. its wonderful Lily, congratulations...

  3. Thanks so much dear Marie for your sweet compliment. Thanks so much dear Christa for your sweet compliment too. That is really kind from both of you.

  4. so cool. I really need to learn how to make those.

  5. Thanks for your lovely compliment. Hope to learn what you want to.

  6. I love your doily. I too have made many crochet doilies but have never tried a knitted one. Where did you get the pattern? Thank you for sharing the pictures. Great job!

  7. Hello Geowyn,
    thanks so much for your lovely compliment.
    The patter is free pattern from


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