Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lily is going to study( AGAIN)

I am going to study AGAIN. I got MA of constitutional and political system ; I also have recorded my dissertation about Parliament role. I have quit, stopped after 8 years. I won't complete, and will return to study again , and make another research in another field. Why?
Many reasons.
First, I didn't find any help from my supervisor. I mean nothing. He didn't tell me anything , or help me in any side. In the beginning I didn't care, and decided to do it by myself-as I always do.
I have started from the scratch. I didn't know English at all, so I have started by learning English, and studied it-I am still doing that. I also have taught myself computer. I have started to read, and read about research methodologies, different methods, and which one suits mine -still doing that.
I have discovered that we have not an education system . we get nothing. Any system doesn't teach you how to think is not a system. I always read, and criticize . My father brings many , many books to his library, and when I was a child I have started to read, and read, and read. I have formed my mind in my own way, but I have gotten very bad education. I knew that before, but realized that now.
Second reason why I have quit, or want to re-study something else is,
I have discovered that we haven't a parliament. we have a jock -silly jock. It is a toy in the executive authority' hands. Nothing exist to write an article about, what about dissertation ?!
It is true that the role of parliament is really reduced all over the world, but at least they have a parliament to study its shrunken role. In another side there are some real reasons about its shrunken role.

It is like knitted piece. What you will do if you discovered that there is a mistake in your first row or round? I always get ride of wrong rows or round and amend my mistakes, and re-do it again. It is true that I lost some times-8years - but learned many things too.

Oh I want to tell you another hidden reason for my writing now. It is practicing my English lol
As you know If I don't use it, I will lose it. So I think you will have to bear my English


  1. Lily, you deserve a Master degree for your English. Its fantastic and I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart that you do well. You are doing fantastic with kitting, your father's hat is another treasure of yours.
    You do fantastic with sewing, crochet and many other things too. Its a honor to know you...and you will see - going back to studying will bring a lot of joy..maybe not always but at the end for sure...
    hugs Christa

  2. Many , many thanks for your kind heart dear Christa.Thanks also for your wishes, your encouraging words, and your hope too. My English ! lol it needs enormous efforts Christa.

  3. Lily, I agree with Christa (but then I usually do, LOL:)!! It takes hard work and courage and the willingness to take chances to do what you have done! I was 33 when I went back to school to study law - and I had six children ages 1-10! I am now almost 57! A really old lady!
    You can do this! I wish you all the best.
    By the way, your father is a lucky man - that is one excellent fair isle hat:)!!!
    It is NEVER too late to learn - I hope to be learning until the day I die!

  4. Thanks so much for your supportive words, and for your sweet compliment about the hat I did . I also share you your hope to learn until the day I die, but I add to be able to think and produce creative thoughts too. By the way , your blog is wonderful too.

  5. Lily, you are a very smart woman. I know you will do well in school. :) Your English is so good. I'm happy that you are telling stories on your blog. I always love to hear the story about the pictures and projects.
    :) Barb

  6. Thanks again dear Barb for all your kind compliments. specially thanks for compliment about my -GOOD-English lol.


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