Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kelley's class for mitten

I have tried to make a fingerless glove for my brother-that one with small fingers-I wanted to make my own pattern using my own needle size and what I have from yarns. Of course I didn't find pattern suit my needing, So I have decided to start make my own.

I wanted to know according what I can divide for the fingers, and different method to make the thumb. Of course I have some books about how to make your own pattern, but I am not still comfortable with anyone. So what I am doing is I am trying to make a basic pattern and figure out the rules from this pattern.

To be more precises it is my dream to make my own pattern using the stitches I like, and Using any yarn I want to use, or any needle size.
My friend Barb called that intention and passion a potential designing.-I don't call it like this. I always tell her that I just like to play with things I learn, and make things according my taste, and style. In addition , I like to understand what is behind any thing I learn.

I have searched for something in Youtube site, and found these lovely series of lessons from lady Kelley trying to explain how to make a mitten. what I really like about her lessons is she have not a pattern; she makes her own and put her hand on the mitten to tell us how she define the stitches for thumb, the distance which she should to knit until decreasing stage ....etc. During this she explains the two method for thumb. Thanks for her so so much. Hope to see or read something like this for the gloves.


  1. thank you for sharing Lily, I always love your designs... ciao ciao ciao Christa

  2. Thanks so much dear Christa, who always read my post.

  3. Lol.. You ARE a desigener, you just don't realize it yet! LOL All a designer is, is someone who has an idea to make something and then figures out a way to make it. You do that all the time. :)


  4. I love our conversation about this topic. still believe I am NOT a designer. My point of view is, I have an artistic streak -just like anyone-It is something inside any one just some people use it, and others don't . I still think that designer is something more. But thanks so much for encouraging words.


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