Thursday, January 20, 2011

The lovely problems with the mitten

Of course I didn't do it yet. I am trying to do it. This mitten is free pattern, but it is really lovely. It has crook stitch , twined stitches, and three thread cast on; I didn't know anyone of them. After I have started it, I asked myself what is the difference between crook stitch, and twined stitch? specially there are twined knit, twined purl, and also alternative twined purl, and knit. The only difference is we twisted the two yarns to make twined stitches (braid) , but we don't twist them in crook stitch. Or it is the difference I found. LOL

I have countered another problem -holding the yarns. I have found the previous video , and it is really helpful, and useful, but I should to untwist the yarns after each round. It is not like holding two yarns or more in fair-Isle or colorful work because in Fair-Isle we can use the two methods of holding yarn to avoid mixing them; we cannot do this here. we must twist yarns to execute the twined stitches.


  1. Lily, I love your little lessons, thank you very much.. have a great weekend, its freezing cold here.. ciao ciao ciao Christa

  2. Thanks so much for visiting , and for reading what I have written. I just want to add I am trying to learn, and share what I have learned, speak about it, but not to give lessons. please keep yourself warm from Brrrr. LOL


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