Saturday, January 1, 2011

Workshop for the hat ( and little story)

This hat is a Japanese charted pattern. I have made it use double pointed needles size 3.5mm, and 3mm. I have adjusted the pattern to fit my yarn, and the size needle I have used. I have a long story with knitting. My mom has taught me how to knit when I was little child; she has taught me how to knit, purl, and how to pick up the dropped stitch. I didn't know how to make anything from knitting , I also didn't know how to shape any piece until four years later-this was my first stage with knitting. The second stage was four to five years later when I have learned English.

First, I saw many many sites have explained knitting in English . I loved this and wanted to learn how to knit again, but it was really so difficult. I have countered some difficulties -one of them was I knew each word in the written pattern , but I didn't understand the meaning-LOL oh it made me feel crazy. Yes I didn't understand the written pattern because I didn't know that there is another step I should to know; it was the structure, and arrangement of the English sentence. This obstacle was my first step to try with the charted pattern in knitting and crochet. So I have started with the abbreviations, and the symbols which matche with them. I have started with crochet, then with knitting.

After I improved my English-a bit- I understood the written pattern too, and made many of them. Now I prefer a charted pattern more, and consider it an amazing tool for anyone who really wants to knit or crochet; it also saves times, and make us avoid many mistakes. In addition it eliminates the obstacles of any other language. Anyone can knit whatever pattern he/she wants.

There is something else about charted pattern, and its symbols specially knitting symbols. I have tried to figure out the meaning beyond the symbols - why specific symbol means to slip two and put them in front then purl two and then knit two on the cable? what was in the mind of the person who made this symbols to indicate a specific meaning? Why I am trying to find out sense beyond the symbols ? To remember it. I have a problem to keep something in mind if I don't understand what beyond it. There are some symbols really easy to know why they indicate specific meaning, but there are some really difficult -for me- to know what beyond them. I will try to know.


  1. Wat a great, loverly hat, love it, also the collage, the color is beautiful and I hope to se more.
    Greetings from France Anett

  2. Hello, Thanks so much for your sweet compliment, and thanks for your warm wishes.Welcome also at my blog. Your blog is an incredible one. You are an amazing knitter!!!


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