Monday, July 16, 2012

paper's workshop

This is my paper pattern; the outline pattern. This is my the first time to do my own paper pattern. Of course this is my second sweater lol any way , but I already did a sweater before, and I didn't make a pattern for me. I just chose the major circumferences , and hopped it will be ok for other measurements. Thanks God I got my whole measurements, and did my own pattern considering also my lengths  specially the armhole depth, and the length of shoulders which are very very important to do a real fit sweater or any knitted garments.The other papers lol  are lot of mess, I didn't know how to use the gauge , and swatch to account everything. Now I realize what really gauge means after I know that. I use some graph paper to trace the armhole, and cap of the sleeve to define what I will do. It was my first time to know how to trace those measurements using graph papers, but actually they were not very accurate because of the reaction of the stitch-in my own opinion- or maybe I traced them wrongly so I modified some rows of the cap and armhole according my gauge. Of course they were a lot of calculating and re-calculating . I think it will be less next time than this time. Or hope so.

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